Information and News about Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Procedures

Laser toenail fungus removal use the same energy to destroy toenail fungus, concentrated optical energy, lasers. The main method in which they kill toenail fungus depends on the type of laser and the manufacturer. Some lasers have FDA approval while some are finishing clinical trials. It is important for you to be familiar with the the laser method of operation in determining the proper course of action in treating your fungal infection. Of course on a doctor can diagonose and prescribe a course of treatment. So contact a physician today to learn more.

What are lasers and how are they used to treat toenail fungus?

A laser is a device which emits light in a very narrow band which is concentrated in such a way that it maintains temproal and spacial cohesion. In other words it makes a laser beam. Lasers are used for many things, and some of the first laser were used as knives. The lasers used in toenail fungus removal are not knives. They are more like the rays of the sun which can be life giving, but too much of certain wavelengths of light can be bad for human tissue. In this case scientist have determined that laser light in certain narrow ranges are deadly for some living tissue and not for others. It is one of these wavelengths that is deadly towards fungus found in toenails and not to other tissue found in toes.

Nd:YAG laser

Nd:YAG crystals are used in most laser toenail fungus removal treatments. They focus light into a wavelength of 1064 nm where according to many studies it has been found effective in treating toenail fungus. The laser can be continuous wave or pulsed from a Nd:YAG crystal so that the light energy is still damaging to toenail fungus but does not damage foot tissue, mainly through heat build up. Different laser treatments will also intermittently pulse to other lightwaves such as at 660 nm which is red visible light or 940 nm which is infared light.

What should I know about the laser before I see a physician about toenail fungus laser treatment?

The main questions you want answered when you have your toenails lasered is "What is the effectiveness of the laser in clinical studies?" Your doctor will be able to answer that question prior to starting a treatment regimine which you will follow based on the type of laser and your diagnosis.

Are the lasers used in toenail fungus removal approved by the FDA?

There are currently FDA approved laser toenail fungus removal machines in podiatry practices. There are also lasers which have not been FDA approved yet, and there are procedures which have not undergone formal FDA or Clinical trials. Ask your doctor about the machine's regulatory status.