Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Success Stories

Toenail Fungus Removal

The laser toenail funugs removal treatments use specially designed laser beams which goes through the toenail and safely reduces the infection in the nail bed that cause Onychomycosis — more commonly known as toenail fungus.

The laser toenail funugs removal procedures require one or a small number of safe, quick treatments with little or no discomfort. The toenail laser fungus treatment is performed as an outpatient service with no anesthesia. The particular laser that your physician will use operates in the same manner with some differences in the specifics of how the fungus is targeted. The gentle laser light beam has no effect on healthy tissue and will treat only the infected area of the toenail. No drugs or topical ointments are used in the laser toenail fungus removal treatement, eliminating the total-body side effects of traditional oral medications.

Many clinical studies show that laser toenail fungus treatment reduces fungal infection and promotes clear toenail growth with a single treatment. The foot laser is safe, effective and most patients improve after their first treatment. Click here to see Laser Nail Center in the news.

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Testimonials

"The staff and physicians were all very upfront and honest about all aspects of the laser toenail fungus treatment, explaining, costs, success prognosis and how the treatment would work. I am very pleased with my experience with the Laser Nail Center!"

"Please send my regards to your staff, your professionalism during my visit to discuss my toenail fungus problem was outstanding. I have recomended you to several friends, be on the look out for them. "

"I have a nail fungus infection in the nail bed (Onychomycosis) which has caused severe discoloration with severe thickening of the nail. Thank you for guiding me through my options and giving me the honest facts on laser toenail fungus treatment. Finaly! a drug free option."